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Some Context

Arsaeus Designs is a small jewellery studio started by a local Toronto designer. She sells much of her collection in a handful of shops around the city, but she needed an online home to display her work. ArsaeusDesigns.com was not only intended to broaden her reach of potential clients, but additionally to allow existing customers to explore her accessories in greater depth –– particularly when deciding to invest in a custom piece with a larger price tag, such as an engagement ring.

An important part of the brief stipulated that the designer herself must be able to easily add new products and update information on the website, so a customized CMS was the way to go. WordPress would support responsive layouts and allow significant customization with the help of WooCommerce. So we set out to find a minimalist base Theme that would serve as an ideal backdrop for such intricate inventory. Amelia completed all of the backend setup and building of the site, added some of Arsaeus' original pieces into the system, and carried out a stylistic overhaul of the Theme to create and brand every page with the designer's gold and charcoal palette.

Arsaeus Designs rings for men and women

My Solution

The gallery pages of the website are optimal for clearly exhibiting collections of metal rings, precious stone rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, on any device. Each type of jewellery can be searched for and browsed by type, and also by name, as many of the pieces have coordinated counterparts in earring, ring and necklace form. With every search, pieces can be sorted by price and how recently they have been added to the collection. The mythical name and the cost are listed beneath each item's image, with further detail provided on the items' individual pages.

Arsaeus Designs necklaces and rings

The photography and styling of each piece of jewellery was carried out by the designer herself. Each image casts a subtle shadow or reflection on an otherwise pure white backdrop, serving as contrast for the often elaborate features of the metalsmith's creations. Multiple perspectives of each product can be viewed on its page, revealing every intricate angle designed with incredible care. For the staple items within the Arsaeus Designs collection, customers are able to choose the type of metal that they desire, and the price live-adjusts accordingly. Unless the item is one-size-fits all, the customer can also select the size needed, and even submit a request for a personalized piece.

Arsaeus Designs earrings and checkout screens

Later on in the project, some of the e-commerce setup was carried out by Guillermo of AwesomeWebDesigns.ca, who took over the ongoing maintenance, updates and scaling of ArseausDesigns.com from myself, after the end of its first year.

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