A Foodie Magazine Adapted for iPad


Project background

Melbourne is a city for foodies, and I quickly became one of them soon after I moved there at the age of 21. I used to pick up free copies of GRAM Magazine at the city train stations and plan my next culinary adventures. When I was assigned the task of recreating a print publication as a digital magazine, I immediately thought of GRAM. I reached out to the editor-in-chief who provided me with plenty of assets.


Tools Used

To render my version of GRAM Issue 43, I used the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite within InDesign. There are unique layouts for both portrait and landscape orientations, so I essentially created two versions of the application that are device-responsive. I made use of multi-state objects, slideshows, web overlays, buttons and smooth scrolling to make the videos, images, icons and text within my folio interactive.

For the cover, I used Using Adobe Edge Animate to create movement and engage the reader. You can see it in action at the bottom of this page.

I was inspired by the kaleidoscopic patterns that GRAM assembles from food. I made my own vertical and horizontal covers with slices of in-season blood orange. They first resemble puzzles, but the small square sections quickly rotate into a complete photograph.
I wrote all of the copy throughout this digital magazine myself, which are reviews of some of my favourite restaurants and cafés from around the city's central business district. I decided to feature MoVida and Cumulus Inc. in this issue, as they are award-winning restaurants that were particularly popular at the time of this issue's creation. I produced the graphic assets and interactions to accompany the content that I curated. I illustrated and overlaid the advertisement for Chef's Hat based on a similar print ad of theirs that has been published in the magazine.

I endeavoured to make the experience of reading more engaging, so I integrated interaction design elements such as maps and videos into the featured articles of the issue. The advertisements are also animated.


I set out to instruct users how to navigate this digital issue of GRAM by including a 'How To' screen on the first page.


I created a video to demonstrate a user's experience of browsing this issue of GRAM Magazine, including how the content reorients when they rotate their device.

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